Multi Academy Trusts

Multi academy trusts aren’t just about cutting costs for the schools, you need tools in place that are dependable, scalable, and have the ability to be efficiently managed across all your schools. Studysafe delivers on all these fronts, while still allowing you to save money.

Studysafe provides real freedom of choice. Your multi academy trust can be sure all the schools will have outstanding safeguarding tools at their fingertips no matter what ISP or authentication they use. It also means that as you grow and new schools join your academy, they can be added with minimal fuss.

Studysafe multisite allows the easy and convenient dashboard to control multiple schools at once, allowing senior staff to make filtering changes across all schools in under 60 seconds. There's also the option to allow IT techs and individual school staff members to make changes, meaning teachers are never caught short just before a lesson and can get on with the important job of teaching with all the right resources.

Understanding how safeguarding is being applied and issues that may arise across your multi academy trust is essential. That’s why we have spent time designing clear reporting functions that give you essential information at a glance.

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