OFSTED & Prevent Duty Compliant Filtering icon

OFSTED & Prevent Duty Compliant Filtering

Sensible default settings and baked in block lists from the IWF and Home Office, mean Studysafe complies with both OFSTED and Prevent Duty requirements.

Logs & Reports icon

Logs & Reports

Insightful reports and real time logs provide a complete picture over the traffic flowing in and out of a school.

Works with all devices icon

Works with all devices

Studysafe works at network level, which means any set up with a combination of Windows PCs, Chromebooks or iPads will work. Active Directory and GSuite integrations report usernames back to the dashboard.

Intelligent content inspection icon

Intelligent content inspection

Studysafe analyses the content on web pages (both SSL and non SSL), and makes an intelligent decision about whether it's appropriate for school or not.

Real time monitoring and alerts icon

Real time monitoring and alerts

Safeguarding alerts for monitored words and phrases (such as suicide and drugs) and attempts to access inappropriate material in school.

Easy to set up and deploy icon

Easy to set up and deploy

Studysafe set up is easy, an IT technician installs a pre-configured device on site which sends school traffic to the Studysafe servers for analysis.

UK Based icon

UK Based

We are a UK company and all of our servers are in UK data centres, meaning your school's internet traffic doesn't have to be sent around the world before it gets back to you.

Fast & Reliable icon

Fast & Reliable

Studysafe is as fast as the internet connection it works on. Traffic analysis happens so fast you wont notice a speed difference when browsing the web.

Safe & Secure icon

Safe & Secure

With a sensible set of defaults and block lists built in, we take filtering the web really seriously. All changes made through the platform are fully tracked and audited too.

Enterprise Grade Firewall icon

Enterprise Grade Firewall

Rather than provide a firewall appliance and leave schools to fend for themselves against internet threats, schools on Studysafe become part of our network. Our team of network specialists use real time monitoring to manage threats so you don't have to.

Multi Site Management icon

Multi Site Management

Apply filtering changes to multiple schools at the same time with just a couple of clicks. Target either individual schools, groups of schools, or age levels across all your schools and apply the changes with one click.

No Over-blocking icon

No Over-blocking

We know how annoying it can be for teachers when a resource is blocked in school. With all filtering there is a tricky balance to strike between over and under blocking, but it's that easy to unblock websites with Studysafe that this becomes much less of a problem.