Teachers - The Unpaid Overtime Heroes

Exciting new opportunity! Would you like to be under-appreciated and over-worked? Fancy giving a whole day of your weekend up to work for free?

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm. Saturday, 9am – 9:06pm (unpaid overtime)

Salary: Lower than you’d expect.

Please ensure you can work the above hours before applying, as this is an expected requirement.

Not the most attractive job offer is it?

So then, what profession is our exciting new opportunity advertising? A job role that requires the entire workforce, to work just over a twelve-hour day, for unpaid overtime. That is; working outside of their contracted hours for no extra salary, which subsequently decreases the value of their average hourly pay.

CEOs, lawyers & catering staff certainly spring to mind. Being the head of a business, or catering for a client during a bitter legal battle, must surely force these professionals to work long into the night. However, their fees and salary usually reflect this amount of ‘unpaid overtime’. This ensures that their average hourly pay is never actually close to the national minimum wage.

Unfortunately, unpaid overtime has become part of the job description for nearly all roles within the modern job sector. Employers require “occasions to be worked outside of contracted hours, to ensure the effective delivery of the role”. This comes into effect as project deadlines approach, or busy periods put strain on the team.

But on a weekly basis, how much unpaid overtime would you actually be willing to work? A few hours here and there, maybe, seems reasonable - if not a bit annoying. Realistically though, nobody would apply for our job advertisement at the beginning of this post. Working a 12-hour day completely unpaid, on top of your normal working hours, seems ludicrous.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality for teachers across the nation. It’s recently been revealed by the Trades Union Congress, that teachers work more unpaid overtime than any other profession throughout Britain: clocking in with an average of 12.1 hours of unpaid work per week.

Not only that, but on average, British teachers work more hours per week than nearly any other teachers on the planet, only being ‘beaten’ by three other countries. A contest where nobody is a winner.

All of those extra 12-hour days per week, results in teachers throughout Britain, working around 462 million hours a year – for free. That’s nearly half a billion hours of unpaid labour, provided by one set of professionals.

Once you factor in: parent’s evenings, school events, marking in the evening, creating lesson plans, staying behind to help students and writing evidence reports on your own work, it becomes easy to identify how all of those extra hours add up.

Not only that, but it’s routinely reported that teachers are also having to spend money on classroom resources out of their own pocket. They are working above and beyond to ensure our children get the education they deserve.

So, teachers, the last thing you need is a tech-company telling you how hard you work. Water is wet, and the Pope is Catholic. But you are modern day working heroes. We salute you. Not only do you work lengthy hours, but you do so to provide the next generation with the skills and education they need to thrive.

One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about though, is safeguarding your pupils online. That is something a tech-company like Studysafe can help with.

Most web-filtering systems out there often do the job. However, getting them to do that job can sometimes make you feel like Turing trying to crack the Enigma code. It can be needlessly complicated, and requires hours of perseverance to learn how to navigate.

A key principle whilst designing Studysafe, was to ensure that it reduced the work load of teachers, rather than add to it. To do so, we concentrated on making all of the background complicated stuff stay exactly where it should, in the background. This allowed the dashboard to be as streamlined as possible, with only the most important tools visible.

In fact, we’re so proud of how easy and convenient our dashboard is to use, that we promote it as one of our key main features. Safeguarding pupils from online threats shouldn’t be a daunting process, or a technical nightmare, and our simple design reflects that belief.

Besides, even if you do get stuck or something unexpected happens, there’s always expert support on-hand to get you back on track.

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